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Have you ever found yourself struggling?
Struggling to find efficient ways to build your network marketing business?

That was me in 2016 after struggling for almost 2 years to build my network marketing business. My leadership was telling me I was doing everything ‘right,’ but what did I have to show for it? Nothing!

Colleen LauverAt that time, I would travel hours out of my way to attend in-person meetings, vendor events, networking events, different coffee shops and gyms, etc…all for a handful of low-quality prospects and wasted time and money.

I had gone to company training and leadership events (which I still attend today and love), but after listening to the comments like, “this business is built belly to belly” or “you can’t build this business sitting behind your computer,” I would get frustrated! After all, 98% of my network marketing business to date live out-of-state, so right there, I already felt limited in my abilities to build a large team.

After struggling to recruit new people in my business for almost 2 years, I realized that there had to be a different way; a more efficient approach to build and duplicate my team. In less than a month of learning simple online marketing strategies, I am now able to bring in multiple leads and prospects a day (all from work that takes me less than a 7-10 hours a week)! Now that’s efficiency!

Since 2016, I have dedicated my time to learning more effective and simple strategies to build and duplicate my network marketing business successfully both online and offline. And now, it has been a passion of mine to help other network marketers who see and know the possibilities within this powerful industry but are struggling to breakthrough in their own businesses.


Have you ever thought to yourself that you were doing something because that’s what other people wanted? Or perhaps you’re doing something because that’s the status quo?

If someone would have told me that I would become an entrepreneur, I would have laughed! I have a good paying job, a beautiful home, a loving family, but for some reason, I found myself missing that passion or drive to get up in the morning.

Flashback to my high school days; I was so excited and pumped to go to college and join the military; I mean, I was obsessed! Nothing could stand in my way of going to my dream college and feeling proud to wear the Navy colors and serve our great Country!

Where was that same excitement now? What is it that excites me so much that I would do anything on Earth to accomplish?

For me, that is simple…TIME FREEDOM!

Unfortunately for me, that J-O-B I spoke of earlier…working long hours, commuting 2+ hours a day, missing time with my family…I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a life to me! The day I knew I had to do something for myself and most importantly for my family, was when my husband turned to me one night and said, “I feel like you’re still on deployment!” That one comment, while it seemed like just a comment to him, felt like someone was pulling on my heart strings a little tighter! Needless to say, I lay awake all night thinking about what I had to do to make a change in my life.

That was around the time I saw others in my same network marketing business earn incentive trips to Mexico or secluded resorts in the mountains, rave about earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and most importantly, live their life on their terms, free from the time constraints mandated by their jobs! You mean, they didn’t work for anyone but themselves! SOLD!

I am building my network marketing business for me and my family, not only because of the uncapped income potential but because I don’t want to work at a job to justify someone else’s purpose!

Colleen LauverWHERE I’M GOING!

I read an article this past year, about military veterans supporting a cause, bringing awareness around suicidal rates among our military veterans, and in the article it read, “…find your purpose after service…” It took my breath away for a moment, and I thought, Geez! What purpose am I fighting for? What in my life am I meant to do after my military service?

My husband and I have a vision of paying off all our debt in the next 5 years, buying a beautiful home, traveling the world together, and buying a beach house where we can escape to the quiet secluded beaches.

What’s your purpose? Have a passion for helping people in the areas of health and finances? Check out my Work with Me page; your time freedom is waiting for you!

I am pleased that you’re able to hear my story; let’s stay connected! I can’t wait to hear about your story!

Colleen Lauver
Colleen Lauver

“Helping struggling network marketers find simple and efficient solutions to duplicate their businesses and gain financial agility.”

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