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EVERY Network Marketers Need A Blog To Make More Sales & Recruit More People

Why EVERY Network Marketer Needs A Blog To Make More Sales and Recruit More People

EVERY Network Marketers Need A Blog To Make More Sales & Recruit More People

Are you new to network marketing and struggling to build a sustainable business?

Do you find yourself frustrated and wanting to give up because nothing is working?

And, are you sick and tired of seeing the same people in your company rank advance in what seems like overnight?!

Well, I have good news for you!

Because, if you’re serious about building your network marketing business and are looking for a better way to make sales and recruit, then you’re in the right spot!  

In this blog post, I’m sharing with you my top 3 secrets why network marketing professionals need a blog (or website) to grow their business.

EVERY Network Marketers Need A Blog To Make More Sales & Recruit More People

Let’s dive in…  

So what exactly does it mean to be an “authority figure” in network marketing?  

You might think of your upline or sponsor as a leader or an authority figure on your team. 

But what makes them an authority figure in your eyes?

  • Do you know them? (I would hope so) 
  • Do you like them? (In some cases, maybe not…LOL but let’s just say you do for now ) 
  • Do you trust them?

You’re probably thinking, “Hang on a minute!….you mean people have to know, like, and trust you if they’re going to buy from you!”  

I see you’re catching on quickly! (hehehe)

And yet this simple ‘marketing’ lesson is often overlooked, and at the sacrifice of minimal growth and sales.

This is where your blog comes to the rescue!!

You see, this is the little secret that can make or break your business

Even if you’re brand new in network marketing, or maybe you’ve been around for a few years, your blog can be the answer to all three!  

EVERY Network Marketers Need A Blog To Make More Sales & Recruit More People

It’s the fastest way to let your network get to know you, find out if they actually like you (don’t be offended….you can’t please everyone!), and where they will grow to trust you.    

Did you join your network marketing company to finally be at home, because you’re SO tired of living in a cubicle all day?!

Then why is it that so many network marketers struggle with doing JUST THAT…..staying at home?

I’ll tell you why….

because you’re spending your precious time outside of the that J-O-B prospecting everyone in sight!  

  • ….at the grocery store…
  • …at the gym…
  • …at the park…
  • …at your kid’s soccer game…
  • …everywhere, BUT your home…

So, what if you could bring all of those places to you? 

What if you could create your own “home” in your home for your business?

And, that’s exactly what a blog does for you!

See, when you create your blog, you’re essentially building the foundation of your business.  

And when people visit your blog (or business), they can easily get to know you, connect with you, and if you put a little sprinkle of your uniqueness out there…people will trust you as well!  

Now let me ask you a question – did I prospect you at the gym, grocery store, or on the soccer field sideline and ask you, “Hey, if I shared my website with you would you like to read my awesome blog post I just wrote?”  

Heck no! 

Now, whether or not you become a prospect of mine or are just here to read some awesome content is completely up to you…but my point is…I didn’t leave my home for you to read it!

And that’s exactly what a blog can do for you too!  Which, leads me to my next little secret…  

So this is where the fun happens!  

Nothing makes you happier than when you wake up to yet another prospect reaching out to you for more information about your business (or even sales)!

Which leads me to this little secret…

Example 1…You know those home meetings that you hate so much going to…

What if you could invite 10x the amount of people (or more) to your own virtual “home meeting” that’s automated?

*Mind blown*

Yup, you heard me right!  

All those “business opportunity” presentations that you give every week can easily be recorded, and then played back on autopilot right from your blog! 

Example 2…and my personal favorite…

Imagine spending 30-60 minutes publishing a piece of content to your blog (say a blog post, a shared article, a video, etc.), then promoting that piece of content on social media (say Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn)…

Your blog post or piece of content is read, liked, and shared….and days even months later, you STILL get fans or followers sending you messages and emails about how they can find out more information about your business!  

Yup, this still happens!  

EVERY Network Marketers Need A Blog To Make More Sales & Recruit More People

This little secret is called LEVERAGE! 

And it can be POWERFUL!  

And the best part is – there are thousands of other examples that YOU can do too to kick start your network marketing success!  

So on a scale from 1-10, how ready are you to kick start your business and stop trading time for money? 

Let me know in the comments, and be sure to pick up your free online recruiting bootcamp that shares the exact strategies that I’m implementing in my business to leverage the internet to recruit more people and make sales into my business!


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