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smartest way to build your network marketing business online

The Smartest Way To Build A Strong, Sustainable Business Online

smartest way to build your network marketing business online

I almost guarantee you’ve asked yourself this question at least ten times in your online business journey!

When you’re just starting out using social media and online strategies to build your network marketing business, chances are you’ve probably heard multiple approaches around the word, “branding.”  

Do I brand myself or do I brand my company and products?  

And you’re probably also thinking, “Branding?  What the heck are you talking about Colleen? I just want to grow my business!”  


And don’t worry…I’m here to answer both those questions here.

Because I’ll let you in on a little secret… 

Your branding can either deter people or attract people to you. (More on this in a little bit.)

That’s right, and I’ll not only show you the fastest way to attract people to you (and I bet you already know this), but I’ll also show you the fastest way to repel people from you!  

smartest way to build your network marketing business online

And who wants the the latter?!

So let’s first answer the question of why you should even care about branding…

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably hear me talk about building rapport and trust with your followers all the time.  

And rightfully so…this is paramount regardless of building your business online or offline.  

Of course, the process looks a little different, but the concepts still holds true. 

In fact, I even wrote a blog post all about this topic that you’ll probably want to check out too. 

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And when you’re building rapport and trust with your followers, what you’re inherently doing (without even knowing it) is building your brand.  

If you’re delivering value consistently to your audience, you’re building your brand.  

You see, your brand is nothing more than being known for something and how you show up in the marketplace. 

Said differently, the trust that you’re establishing with your audience is nothing more than letting your audience know that you (your brand) is a brand that they can trust.  

Which leads me into the age old question of…

“Should I brand myself or my company or products?”

So let’s duke it out!

Before we dive into branding yourself, which I already gave you a flavor of above, let’s first talk about branding your company.

Branding your Company

When you’ve decided to brand your company and products, your content or value may include…

  • You posting about your products online
  • You disclaiming to your audience that you are a rep for XYZ company
  • You posting pictures of you wearing company branded clothing
  • You posting videos using your products, etc. 

In essence, your branding is all about your company (not YOU)!   Now let’s play out an example where someone lands on your profile…

Let’s say you befriend someone that you just met on Facebook.  

They have no idea that you’re in network marketing, but you’re an active marketer and you post on your profile at least everyday (probably twice). 

Over the next several days, your friend sees a handful of your posts about your XYZ company.  They may even see a few testimonials, etc.

The same friend is curious why you keep posting all over your profile about these XYZ products….

So you opens Google or YouTube and types in XYZ company.  

The first 5 hits read something like…

“XYZ Company faces class action lawsuit…”

And what you don’t know is your new friend may not even WANT to ask you about your products or show any interest at all.  

He or she may be skeptical about the whole network marketing industry and be completely turned off by every post of your moving forward.

Or worse, they may even unfriend you because you’ve literally blasted your profile with images and posts about your XYZ products and they don’t want to be SOLD TO. 

Now don’t get me wrong, this strategy of branding your company and products using social media CAN work, but in my opinion it’s not an effective strategy for any network marketer if you’re looking to make this your full time income. 

This is unequivocally the fastest way to repel or deter people from you!

But you didn’t read this far in this post to find out how to repel people away!

So let’s dive into how you can brand YOU to start attracting people to you.

Branding YOU

As I’ve mentioned above, your brand is nothing more than how you show up in the marketplace. 

So let’s breakdown the simple steps that you can take to start branding yourself…

YOU are your brand 

Understanding this key concept can be very powerful in your business.  

smartest way to build your network marketing business online

Everything from your voice, your energy, your enthusiasm, how you present yourself…

Are all part of YOU (and your brand).  

So forget about the logos, the fancy images, and branded videos…all this stuff is merely decoration…

But you are the party!  

What are you most passionate about?

It took me awhile to figure this one out myself.  And it may take you some time as well.  

But when you can speak from what you’re most passionate about, your true authentic self comes out.

If you need to take some time over the next couple of days to jot down your thoughts what you’re most passionate about and what you truly enjoy doing, then go ahead and do that.

Here are some questions that can hopefully get the creative juices flowing…

  1. If each opportunity paid you equally well, which would you do first?
  2. If money wasn’t a problem, how do you see yourself living?
  3. If we were to go LIVE on social media right now about your business, what would you talk about?

So there you have it!

And if you’re sitting there wondering where to get started or even HOW to get started, you’ll definitely want to get your hand on my free online recruiting bootcamp here.  

Inside this bootcamp, you’ll learn the ins and outs of building a brand and your business online.


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