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3 critical variables building successful online brand

The 3 Critical Variables to Building A Successful Brand Online (& Accelerating Your Business Results)

3 critical variables building successful online brand

Let me guess…you’ve been in the network marketing industry for perhaps a few years, and you’re sick and tired of wasting time recruiting everyone and anyone around you.

So you go online and start to poke around social media hoping to gain more momentum.

You start messaging all your friends (yes, even the one’s you haven’t spoken to in years), sharing your business opportunity or products with them, hoping they’ll say yes!

But very few do…

Heck, you may even throw an ad out there promoting your business.  

After a couple weeks and little to no success (and potentially wasted money), you start to second guess this whole business thing and wonder if you’re even cut out for this.  

Hold that thought!

What if I were to tell you that you’re closer than you think to gaining that momentum?!

Yep…and the thing is…

You’ve already made the tough decision of taking your business online…

“But what am I missing?” you may be asking, or 
“Why aren’t I making any sales or getting any leads?”

And I get it…

We’re all looking for a simple solution to get results now.

And the biggest thing that I’ve noticed with many of my coaching clients and followers is that we fail to recognize how social media and YOU (the marketer) must work “together” to create your “social media ecosystem”…

Say what?!

Simply put…you have to show Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever platform that you’re using that their platform as a means to serve others…or in our marketing world, this means creating your brand. 

And more importantly, you need to create a sense of harmony across your brand online and on social media.

So do you know what it takes to build a successful online brand?

Stick around, because I’m diving into the 3 must have, critical variables to building a successful brand so when you promote your products or services, you’ll have a higher chance of making the sale.

Let’s dive in…

When most people think of brand, they think of logo, colors, font, style, etc…
It’s all the aesthetics that go into your “image”…or how people physically see you.  

3 critical variables building successful online brand

While, yes, parts of your “image” are relevant to your brand, but I would argue that it’s the last thing that you should be thinking about when you’re thinking about building your MLM online.  

Let’s take an example…

For most of us, when we’re just starting out in network marketing, we don’t have to worry about branding or logos or, heck, even most advertising.  

Chances are your company already takes care of that for you.

Instead, you’re taught first how to connect with people and build relationships.  

And guess what? … this is also true with building your MLM business online.  

However, the process just looks a little different.

In a recent Facebook Live, I shared my thoughts on these 3 critical variables, so be sure to check it out here.

About a year ago, I had the privilege of being part of an online marketing and business mastermind group, where I got to connect with other successful marketers and discover what truly makes a successful business.

One of the many topics that was discussed was how to know you’re building a business (and not just a hobby).  

The facilitator of the workshop drew a circle on the board and put three words around it; Grow, Engage, Promote.  

I’ll spare you all the details, but the essential message was that in order to build a successful business, you need to be doing these 3 things in your business daily…

  1. Grow Your Audience
  2. Engage with your Audience
  3. Promote to your audience

And similarly when building a brand (which is part of your business) online.

So what are the 3 critical variables of your brand?

Brand = Followers x Reputation x Value


Now before you go run over to Facebook or Instagram and check the number of followers you have….let me make one thing clear…

There is a difference between the number that’s sitting next your name or image on social media and the number of followers that are ACTUALLY, GENUINELY interested in what you have to share and say.

I say this because SO MANY of us are so concerned with the raw number…
It’s like a freakin’ rite of passage for online marketers to see how many people they can get to follow them.  

So if you’re reading this and still think that that raw number matters and you’ll do anything it takes to grow that number…then stop reading right now…


3 critical variables building successful online brand

If this is your belief system, then we’re probably not going to be online BFFs anyway.  

Ok, so now that we’ve got this covered, I want you to know that while yes, you should always continue to grow your audience, it’s important to grow an audience of the RIGHT people.  

And if you’re not sure where and how to find the right people, you’ll definitely want to pick up this free online recruiting bootcamp, where you’ll learn how to target the RIGHT audience  and grow your following of people who are actually interested in what you have to share and say.  


This can be a scary word, for sure….but don’t worry, I’m not talking about your positional tenure or how much money you’ve saved the corporation…

When talking about your reputation, I’m referring to how well you engage with your followers. 

And more specifically, the level of engagement or connection you have with your followers.

So let’s do an honest assessment here…

Are you the type of marketer who…

  1. Grows a following to grow a following – OR – Grows a following and makes an assertive effort to connect with at least 1 new follower a day?
  2. Private messages your promotional link to your followers the first chance you get – OR – Private messages your new followers asking how you can be of service to them?
  3. Ignores your followers – OR – sends birthday wishes to your followers?

I think you get my point…

And if you’re honest with yourself, great….now you know how you might make more meaningful connections with your followers moving forward.


This variable is the grand-daddy of them all!

Sure, you can’t grow a business without growing and engaging with your followers, but if you don’t provide them any value than you’re wasting your time.

The consistent value that you provide is what keeps your followers engaged and sticking around for more.

I could probably write a separate blog post on just value alone, but here are some quick guidelines around this term, “value.”


Let me just cut to the chase…

If you’ve thought about posting something on social media or sharing a piece of content with your followers today, then chances are you need to be more consistent in providing value.  

Don’t over think this part; value comes in different forms and doesn’t have to be complicated.  

Just simply sharing a image or video and your thoughts on how this might help your followers is a piece of valuable content.  

Over Deliver

3 critical variables building successful online brand

Most people are afraid of “giving away” too much free value or information.  
But I want to let in on a little marketing secret…

If you consistently OVER DELIVER on value each and every day, then your followers will begin to wonder what information or value you will provide if they buy from you.

Let that sink in for a bit. 


The relevancy of your content or value is all about how well you know your following (or audience).  

For example: if I were to market to people who strictly follow a keto-friendly lifestyle in the health and wellness space, then sharing a video on how to make French toast is not very relevant for them.  

So stay relevant so your followers WANT to come back and hear more of what you have to say and share. 

So there you have it…your 3 critical, must-have variables to building a successful online brand!  

If you got some value today, please drop some comments below and let me know what stuck out to you the most.  

And be sure to pick up your copy of my free online recruiting bootcamp, and take advantage of the value you got today.

Inside you’ll learn not only how to apply what you’ve learned today in creating that online presence, but you’ll discover the exact systems I’ve implemented in my business to consistently grow my audience and make sales all online.  


Colleen Lauver




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