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massive action but no results here's why

Taking Massive Action In Your Business, But Still No Results? Here’s Why & How To Change It

massive action but no results here's why

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

I’ve been working my buns off, so why the heck am I not getting the results?”

What if I were to tell you that what you’re currently doing right now in your business has NOTHING to do with your results that you’re getting?

Kind of an interesting thought… <img class=” />

Let me guess, you’re…

  • Creating valuable content for your audience
  • Active on social media
  • Split testing 5 different ads at once
  • Reaching out and following up with clients

You’re doing ALL the things you’re suppose to do, but you’re still not getting the results you want!  

So frustrating right?

Here’s an interesting story that made me realize this subtle, yet SO POWERFUL concept…

In the Summer of 2018, I went on maternity leave…  

During that time, I had every intention of doing a couple of things here or there to keep my business functioning….but….my one month old daughter quickly told me that was NOT the plan! <img class=” /> 

massive action but no results here's why

(Any Moms out there that can relate?!)

Let’s just say I was a very naive new momma! LOL

So my plans of writing ads, content, FB lives, working with my team…all came to a screeching halt!  

Oh and BTW…I certainly did not plan on THAT happening, and my business just kind of stopped – or so I thought…

HOWEVER, here’s the magical part…

While I was on maternity leave…

  • My social media engagement grew by 500%
  • I grew my list by over 1000%, AND
  • I was getting consistent leads and sales in my business

…while I was literally sleep deprived, wearing yoga pants that hadn’t been washed in over a week, and wearing my maternity shirts that had spit up ALL over them!  

So, here are the biggest takeaways I had during that whole experience…

Consistency Is Key

I once heard from a Podcast episode (not sure which one specifically) by James Wedmore, that you can’t change your results, HOWEVER you can change your habits that create those results!

massive action but no results here's why

Do I sound like a broken record yet? LOL

But this requires some tough love…

Until you can understand and evaluate what specific habits (or actions) you need to take or do to get you the results, you’re not going to move past this struggle in your business! 

Playing Small Is OK

This may be a tough one to accept.

Especially when you’re excited and energetic about a new strategy or getting to the end result fast!  

Ok, so this may sound a little cheesy, but “fast is slow and slow is fast!”  

And in the online marketing world, this couldn’t be any further from the truth!

massive action but no results here's why

In order to get to the end result fast, you must first..

Master the small skills first.

If you don’t take the time to understand how each social media platform works, for example, or how email marketing works, than building your business online is going to a SLOW process no matter how fast you think you may be going.  

Continue To Build

Build on those skills and build the muscle memory type habits it takes to get those results. 

So my advice is:  

  1. Develop the skills first
  2. Develop the muscle memory habits when learning those skills, then
  3. Continue to take those small actionable steps and habits that will morph into a much larger result in the end.  

If you do those things, it’s inevitable that the results will come.  

And probably faster than you realize! <img class=” />

And remember, YOU can’t change your results, but you can change your habits that change your results!


Colleen Lauver




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