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Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This… | Colleen Lauver's Blog
Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This…

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

Do you feel like you’re stagnant in your business?

Maybe you haven’t rank advanced in awhile, or you have people leaving your team just as fast as you do joining. 

If so, then maybe it’s time to hit the “reset” button.

Because let’s face it…

As network marketers, we’ve ALL felt this way more than just once or twice!

Am I right??

So wouldn’t you like to know how to identify this trend before it can negatively impact your business?

And that’s exactly what I’m diving into today…

And in case you missed my Facebook Live about this exact topic, you can check it out below…

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

So, how do you know when it’s time to hit the “reset” button or even to retrain on a particular topic or skill?  

Here are my 4 tips to know when to hit the reset button in your business!


This one kind of goes without saying, but often times we may not realize this right away, especially if you’re in a network marketing company that only pays out once a month.  

If you wait too long to recognize this one, a few months or more could have passed.

So one of the easiest ways that I track this is by the number of prospects that I’m bringing into my business.

Every network marketing who’s serious about their business should know how many prospects they need to maintain in their “funnel” or network to hit a certain $ target or rank in their business.  

As a leading indicator to your month end or pay period end results, you can easily track your prospects coming into your network or “funnel”.

Which leads me to my second tip…


This is one of my favorites … do you keep repeating the same task(s) over and over and over again? 

Or better yet…

Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

If you are either repeating the same small tasks or the same mistakes, this is a tall tell sign that you’re not skilling up. 

Said differently, you haven’t yet mastered a particular skill or potential learned the right skills in your business! 

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

And that’s ok!

If you’re anything like me, it can sometimes be difficult to know when you’re repeating the same tasks and hurting your business at the same time.

So an easy way to recognize this behavior is to simply monitor and keep track of your actions and tasks for a week or two, and then reflect back on all the activities. 


My next tip for your is simply productivity.

Have you assessed recently how productive you are?

Chances are you’ve been in the industry long enough that you know what actions you need to take to grow your business.

But over time, if you’re not performing those actions as proficiently as before, this can lead to stagnation in your business.

If you’ve heard of the term “time blocking” before or perhaps you’re already implementing this strategy in your business… (highly recommend)

This is a great way to monitor those tasks, because you know, in general, how long it takes you to perform one task.

Once you know that, you can evaluate how long it actually takes you to finish a task…

Are you spending the same amount of time for the same activity?

Are you spending more or less amount of time? 


This is a pretty hot topic these days in network marketing.  

So many marketers are eager to know what are the “what’s working now” strategies

And rightfully so!  

The strategies are changing so fast around this industry, that many network marketers are struggling to keep up.

Like if you blink, you might miss the next newest Facebook update! 

I kid, I kid! 😂 (but seriously!)

In all seriousness, as a network marketer, you’re either using social media or you’re not…

In most cases, you’re probably using social media, but you’re not sure if you’re using effectively and you’re not getting the sales.

And I’ve been around on social media building my business for a little over 3 years, so believe me when I say that most network marketers are using social media ALL wrong!  

  • Before & After Photos
  • Blocking out Company Names
  • Sharing your direct links

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

Sick Of Not Rank Advancing? Try This...

While yes these strategies CAN work, but certainly not as effectively.  

So if you’re looking to use social media in a more leveraged and strategic approach, I highly recommend you pick up your free online recruiting bootcamp.

There you have it…4 tips to help you redirect your focus when you need to hit the “reset” button in your business! 

Have you used one of these tools before? If so, let me know in the comments!


Colleen Lauver



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