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How to use facebook to make more sales

How To Use Facebook Messenger To Maximize Your Exposure And Make More Sales

How to use facebook to make more sales

What if I were to show you 4 different ways that you can maximize your exposure on social media and make more sales in your business, WITHOUT talking to complete strangers or even cold messaging random people on Facebook? 


No more copy/paste messages or awkward follow ups with strangers!

Instead, what if you could chat with ALREADY QUALIFIED prospects?

Because let’s face it…

Chat has taken over the world of traditional communication methods, like “face-to-face”.

Even sending a letter in the mail, calling someone over the phone, or emailing someone is a thing of the past!  

Hard to believe, right?!  

Social media has taken over and people are wanting faster, more convenient communications.  

Society has learned to expect that “instant” response of a text message.

It’s like a little hit of dopamine every time someone gets a message notification on their phone!  

Because of the nature of how people receive content and how they want to receive content, Facebook Messenger is a great way to promote that instant response marketing to your audience.  

Check out this recent Facebook Live talking all about exactly that:

How to use facebook to make more sales

Anyone who comments or reacts

By far the most obvious way to tell if someone is interested in whatever products or services you offer, is if they comment or react to your content.

How to use facebook to make more sales

You see, most social media users are shy and won’t actually come out and say, “Hey can I buy your stuff?!”  

BUT, they will comment or react to your content.  

Imagine for minute that you had a traditional brick-and-mortar business…

If someone saw your window store-front and thought to themselves, “Looks like a neat store…let’s go in!”, they would walk in.  

At this point, they physically haven’t said anything to you as the store owner, BUT their actions of walking in to your store signals to you that they’re interested in your products.  

The same philosophy applies to social media…

But instead of your potential customers walking into your store, they’re reacting or commenting on your posts.

In other words, think of a comment or a reaction as a someone interested enough in your products or service that they “walk in”.  

So anyone who comments or reacts to your posts, you should definitely reach out to them and strike up a conversation. 

Sending broadcasts to my audience

So you’ve started a conversation with one of your prospects on social media…


Of course, they may not be ready to buy or may not know enough about you yet to say, “I’m interested in your products or service.”

So, an absolute must, is to follow up with your potential customers in the form of a “messenger broadcast.”  

And you can do this for free, or you can use an automated tool to do this for you.  

(I personally use “Many Chat”, but there are other tools out there of course.) 

This is a great way to stay connected with your audience and let them know of any new content or fun events you’re hosting!

A free approach you can do of course, is either set up a free messenger group with Facebook or even a free group to “broadcast” your message or content to a larger group of people all at once! 

Which brings me to my next tip…

Link To Messenger

How to use facebook to make more sales

If you don’t have an email list yet, or if you’re just testing some different strategies out, you can definitely use Facebook Messenger to start growing your audience organically.  

You can do this by simply adding your Messenger link to your content…

…in your emails (if you’re using an email list)…

…written, blog content…

…Facebook profile, groups, Pages….

…other social media content…

And if you’re not sure of where to find your Messenger link, it is simply, “”. 

Which leads me to my last tip for using Messenger…


This is more of an advanced strategy, but a faster way to grow your audience through messenger is simply through Facebook advertisements.  

You can easily link directly to your Messenger from your advertisements, so your potential prospects can immediately connect with you without having to go through an online “funnel” or even submit their email information for details. 

There you have it…4 tips to using Messenger to maximize your business exposure.

How to use facebook to make more sales

BONUS: If you really want to spice things up, use VOICE MESSAGES…these are SO personable and unique, AND…

…it actually shows your potential customers that you’re willing to put in a little extra time to send a voice message instead of just copy/pasting a word message.  

Do you use Messenger in your business? If so, let me know in the comments!


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