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How To Meet New People on Facebook That Actually Want To Buy Your Products

How To Meet New People on Facebook That Actually Want To Buy Your Products

How To Meet New People on Facebook That Are Actually Want To Buy Your Products

Does this sound familiar? 

You’ve bugged every family member and all your friends, begging them to join you in your new business endeavors, and you’ve now run out of people to talk.

And worse…

All the existing team members that you worked so hard to recruit are now leaving or have already quit…leaving you feeling discouraged and frustrated. 

Between working long hours, running errands, and cooking dinner, you barely find enough time in your week to meet new people.

And the last thing you want to hear from your upline is, “….just talk to more people…”


One night, you turn to Facebook for answers.

You’ve already tried spamming your newsfeed with products and details about that next big promotion (that oh by the way, happens just about every month)…but you hate feeling “salesy”.  

Yep, we’ve all been there!

And what if I were to tell you you could find new friends and prospects on Facebook in as little as 30 minutes or less day?

And that’s exactly what we’re diving into…

Getting Strategic

Ok let’s face it…you can literally find people anywhere.

This is how traditional network marketing leaders teach. LOL

“Just talk to everyone!” they say! 😂 

How To Meet New People on Facebook That Are Actually Want To Buy Your Products

HOWEVER, you want to be strategic with who you’re talking to!  

Because here’s the truth…

Not everyone is your prospect! 

If you want to be strategic, you need to know who your target market or ideal customer is.  

Don’t worry…if you’re not familiar with who your target market is or ideal customer, check out this blog post that walks you through the exact process I use in my business. 

(And don’t forget to pick up your free workbook.)

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Find Your Highly Qualified Prospects

Next, you’ll want to get laser focused on finding your most qualified prospects.

Unless of course you WANT to waste your time and literally talk to EVERYONE about your products or services. 🤪

Now, to find those qualified prospects, the key is to take some of the market research you did in the first step in identifying your target market and search those topics or categories in Facebook.  

How To Meet New People on Facebook That Are Actually Want To Buy Your Products

You are looking for a specific groups where people might be looking for those specific topics or categories (i.e. weight loss, clean eating, gut health, etc.).

Once you find a couple groups that your prospects might be interested in, you’ll want to do some research inside of the group. (You may have to request to join the groups in order to do this.)

You can research how active the group is, how many posts per day, how engaged are the groups, etc. 

If you find groups with little engagement, don’t waste your time – move on! 

The key here is to look for groups with highly engaged people and high value!  

This is the exact behavior you’re looking for in a highly qualified prospect – specifically on Facebook.  

Which leads me to my last point…

Engage In The Group

Once you found a group or two, this last step is critical.  

If you’ve heard me talk about the “law of reciprocity,” you know how crucial this engagement can be for you and your business.  

You’ll want to dedicate 30 minutes or less a day staying active inside of the groups.  

And remember: You’re not in the group to sell!

How To Meet New People on Facebook That Are Actually Want To Buy Your Products

You’re simply there to engage with people, share value, and eventually befriend others.  

EXPERT TIP: If you’re currently building a business fan page on Facebook, sharing value could easily be an invite to like your Page…a simple voice message like this one could really help to build  your authority factor on social media:

“Hey there _____!  It’s great to connect with you, as I’ve seen you inside the ______ Group.  I noticed that you’re interested in ______ , and I’d love to invite you over to my Facebook Page, where I share _______, _______, and _______ all about how to _______. Do you want to check it out?” 

Don’t forget – In the end, you’re building relationship with people who are potential prospects for you and your business.  

So there you have it! 

I hope you found this valuable!

If you did, I’d to invite you to check out my free online recruiting bootcamp, where you’ll learn these skills and a ton more on how to use the internet and specifically social media to grow your business and recruit more people into your business without the awkward “salesy” conversations and endless rejection. 

(Unless of course you like talking to 100 people a week and sounding all salesy! 🤪)

And I’m curious….how to do you meet new people on Facebook?  Let me know in the comments below.


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