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Here’s Why Your J-O-B Is Keeping You Stuck In Your Network Marketing Business | Colleen Lauver's Blog
Stuck in your network marketing business

Here’s Why Your J-O-B Is Keeping You Stuck In Your Network Marketing Business

Stuck in your network marketing business

Do you know what the single biggest fear is for you truly becoming a network marketing professional….that is you looking to quit your J-O-B??

I bet this might surprise you…

Because it has nothing to do with job security, financial stability, or even that coveted paycheck! 

Instead it has everything to do with YOU! 

Inside this blog post, I’m pulling back the curtains and doing a little introspection and proving to you that none of those tangible things that we stress about day in and day out has anything to do with your success or what is truly holding you back! 

Plus I’m also going to sharing with you some tips on how to truly escape the 9-to-5, so you’ll want to read through to the end. 

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Stuck in your network marketing business

So what is this biggest fear that many network marketers (or business owners) have when it comes to how to deal with your J-O-B?

…or better yet, how to some day step away from your J-O-B?

It sounds counter-intuitive right?

After all, your main goal in starting your own business in network marketing is to some day walk away from your 9-to-5!

But deep down at your core, you have this little voice inside that’s telling you to be cautious!

As if it’s your inner comfort zone controlling your thoughts!

And in my opinion this FEAR stems from that “employee mindset” that I talk about so much on my Page.

It’s so incredibly difficult sometimes to make that shift from being the employee to being the CEO!

It’s like when you’re at the J-O-B, you’re wearing this shield that masks your own thoughts or opinions, and you simply just do what you’re told or what the business desires from you.

So when the clock strikes 5pm and you’re commuting home, you’re struggling so hard to strip off that mask that you almost feel paralyzed from thought even though your heart tells you that it’s time to switch to CEO-mode! 

So, what’s truly keeping you stuck and paralyzed?  

It’s this J-O-B lifestyle…

Let me see if you can relate to this…

  • You’re probably highly qualified for your job – meaning you’ve probably spent at least 4-6 years in higher education learning the skills to perform your job at a high level
  • You’re probably in a high demanding career, or perhaps one that is of high demand
  • You’re probably a sought after leader in your company – someone people often come to for answers or guidance, or
  • You probably have a well established working relationship and network of professionals like yourself that you converse with daily

And here’s the deal…people like you are COMFORTABLE! 

And it’s EASY!

And it’s that COMFORTABILITY that roots itself into this “employee mindset!” 

For example – If I were to ask you right now, what’s the easiest way to make a couple thousand dollars?

Would you say go to work for 2 weeks? 

Or, would you say recruit 4 business builders into your network marketing team?

If you answered the former, you’re probably still stuck in what I like to call the “paycheck prison”…

Here’s why…

When you step out into that CEO-mode of running your own network marketing business, you get so caught up in RE-ESTABLISHING that “comfort zone,” so to speak, or that “likability,” that when the moment comes when you fail, you start to doubt yourself!

It’s a total confidence crusher! 

Because people crave likability as much as they crave a paycheck!  

Stuck in your network marketing business

It’s almost as if you feel embarrassed to even say the word entrepreneur!!

I get it!  

And here’s my secret (or tip) to crushing this fear once and for all! 

You need to find your people!! 

Because it’s NEVER about you!! (And it never has been!)

It’s everything about THEM (your audience)!

And it’s about HOW you show up for THEM!

So are you the type of CEO that shows up authentically, or shows up trying to impress your audience with all the skills and knowledge that you think they care about?

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And here’s the beauty…you don’t need to find new people you need to start serving your current audience better! 

Stuck in your network marketing business

More value!!

And your audience will start to recognize you for your VALUE! 

People don’t always remember the words that you speak so much as the actions you take and the way you show up to your audience!

Your TRIBE and your people will come to you!!

If you want to learn more about these exact attraction marketing strategies and truly learn what is means to serve your audience, you can check out this free online recruiting bootcamp.

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Did you get value today? If so, let me know in the comments below!


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