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39 Four Reasons You're Stuck In Your Business

Four Reasons Why You’re Probably Stuck In Your Business (But Don’t Know It)

39 Four Reasons You're Stuck In Your Business

Have you ever scoured the internet for a better way to build your network marketing company?

You follow every network marketing guru out there promising to show you a better way to faster results.

Been there….done that!

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many freebies I’ve downloaded and courses I’ve bought desperately hoping to find the “super secret sauce” to making it BIG in this industry.

Yep, that was me, and I totally know how you feel!  
And honestly, it can only mean one thing…

You’re stuck!

You’re not sure if you should buy the next “never been seen before” course or just call it quits.

But I’m going to challenge you to finish reading this post, because what I’m going to reveal to you is how this ONE simple decision can literally change the course of your business…

In a good way of course! (More on this later)

How do I know this?

Well, I recently made this shift in my business, and it’s pretty crazy to see how it’s transformed my business.

But before we get to the good stuff, I just want to explore a thought…

Specifically related to how you might be “connected” to your business.

Let me give you an example…

If you’ve been going to the same gym for the past 3 years (compared to someone who just joined the same gym), do you think you would be more likely to resist changing to a new gym?  

Similarly, if you’ve spent the last year or so going to same gym class wit the same friends, do you think you would resist changing gyms?  


I think anyone would. 

But why are we so emotionally attached anyway?  

39 Four Reasons You're Stuck In Your Business

Perhaps it’s the personal time you’ve invested at the gym…

Perhaps it’s the friendships you’ve developed with other gym goers (more on this soon)…

And most of the time, you’re leading with your heart instead of your head.  

Now here come the tough questions…

Do you feel the same way about your business? 

Do you feel so emotionally attached or committed to your business or network marketing company that you could never imagine changing anything about it? 

If so, then I want you to explore the possibility that THAT may be the one thing that is keeping you stuck.

Now…this is by no means a way to convince you that your network marketing company is holding you back or that your company isn’t supportive…this is simply a solution to some who might feel stuck. 

So let’s dive into what else might be holding you back.  

Worrying About Losing Friends

If you’ve been in network marketing for a while now (or heck even if you’re brand spanking new), chances are you’ve acquired a whole new set of friends that are a part of your company and network.

And let’s face it, if or when you decide to change companies, you’re probably a nervous wreck just thinking if your friendships will be diminished if you turn your back on them.  

When you’re faced with this worry or fear, you must first understand the decision you made.

I can only speak from my personal experience, but when I made the decision to switch companies, it was never because of any one person or group of people….

And it certainly wasn’t because of my friends.   

It was a pure BUSINESS decision.  

So, when you’re talking to your friends about your decision, position yourself from that space.

I think you will be surprised how supportive your friends will be…

(And if they’re not, then are they really your friends?)

Which brings me to the second fear…

Hiding Behind The Products

This is by far my favorite…(and I even laugh at myself about it)…

When I first joined my network marketing company, I was a little naive. (Ok a lot!) 

I thought that my company had the best, cutting edge products in the marketplace.

39 Four Reasons You're Stuck In Your Business

(And frankly, I was too naive and blind to the opportunity of ever exploring other companies.) 

After all, I had been on the products for over 4 years and had great success in losing over 20 lbs and keeping it off and getting in peak physical shape to run my first Ironman triathlon.  

I thought, why would I ever want to build with any other company if the products were so good??

After all, I was taught that you have to be a product of the product in order to successfully sell the products.  

Oh how naive I really was! 

And what I came to realize and discover was that while yes, the products were great, there were other great, amazing products out there! (Shocking I know!) 

So, if you aren’t afraid of losing your friends and you now know that there are other great products out there, what else might be keeping you feeling stuck?

Afraid Of Leaving Your Team Behind

No matter how large or how small your current network marketing team is now, leaving them behind can be a TOUGH decision.  

And honestly, I had to elicit my husband’s help on this one.  

Bless his heart, he always says the right thing to me at the right moment.  

When I asked my husband about this he responded like this,
“What’s the worse & best thing that could happen?”

I had to think about that for a minute, because his answer caught me off guard.  

But let’s break it down…

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Well first, I will be starting from ground zero again, with no team.

Not the end of the world, but I will certainly have the skill sets that I’ve developed to build my team faster than before.  

And what about my team…

Well second, my team will not be directly aligned with me in the same company.

Again, not the end of the world, because I’ve built an online training system that they can plug into at any time for support.  

What’s the best thing that could happen?

And this answer is what made my decision that much easier…

39 Four Reasons You're Stuck In Your Business

What if the community that I had built and the friendships that I made over the last 4 years resulted in some of my team wanting to continue building with me in my new company?  

Pretty sweet, right?

This would certainly be a win-win not only for me but for the potential growth opportunity that my team would have as well.  

Which brings me to my last point…

No Growth Potential

This was a big one…

You see, over the last 4 years that I’ve been involved in network marketing, I got really good at recruiting customers into my business.  

And even though I was bringing in sales, I STILL struggled to rank advance and build my team.

No matter how many customers I brought in, I still felt stuck and frustrated. 

And it took me 4 years (despite all my efforts to convert my customers to distributors) to realize that it wasn’t what I was doing that was the problem…it was the specific system that I was using that kept me stuck.

Then I had one decision to make…

Do I create a new training and duplicating system with my old company (which could take a couple months, if not more), or do I plug into a proven, duplicatable system to maximize my growth in a new company? 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to waste my time building a new system when I could use that same time to start making a return on my investment.  

This was a no-brainer.  

There you have it…

Four reasons why you’re probably stuck that you probably didn’t know. 

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