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demystify niche get noticed

Demystify Your Niche And Finally Get Noticed

demystify niche get noticedDo you feel like you’re swimming in the deep blue ocean (aka the internet) with no hope of anyone seeing you?!

It’s ok, we’ve ALL been there!  

When you’re building you’re network marketing business online and more importantly, establishing your online presence, it can be intimidating for sure!

In this week’s blog post, I’m demystifying the concept of your “niche” and giving you my simple 3 step process for crafting your ideal customer, niche, and target market so that you can finally get noticed!

This will not only help you create laser-focused content and marketing campaigns but will help you start attracting the RIGHT people into your business.

If you haven’t yet picked up my freebie, click the button below to get my free how-to guide and workbook, where I walk you through these 3 simple steps to “Demystify Your Niche.”

demystify niche get noticed


So let’s dive in…

I get the question, “Why is it sooooo important to know your ‘niche?’”

And here’s the answer….plain and simple…

So you can get noticed!

Now, there’s a little leg work involved in getting there (which I show you how in my freebie), but it’s not complicated at all!

There are billions of people on the internet and on social media today, so your ultimate goal when first starting out is getting really detailed and specific on who you’re talking to.

Just imagine for a minute that you walk into a car dealership, wanting to buy a specific make and model – your dream car that you’ve been eyeing for years!

A car salesman approaches you and starts asking you questions about what you’re looking for…

You tell him what you’re looking to buy, and the salesman completely derails the conversation and starts telling you about all the different cars on the lot; trucks, SUVs, sedans, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, etc…

Now you’re probably thinking, “I’m only looking for one specific car!”  Better yet, you’re probably 2 thoughts away from walking out the door!  You lost complete trust in the Salesman’s abilities and expertise in cars.

This same idea happens ALL THE TIME on the internet and social media!

But you’re in luck!  Keep reading, as I aim to demystify this thing, marketers call, your “niche.”

So what is a Niche anyway?!

A niche is nothing more than a specific market or audience that your product, service, or opportunity aims to serve.

Let’s take a look at a few examples…

In the following brands listed, what is the first thing you think of?…

Amazon …… maybe it’s convenient, online shopping

Whole Foods …… maybe it’s organic grocery store

Tony Robbins …… maybe it’s inspirational speaker or personal development

Catching on now?

So, YOUR niche should be the first thing that people think of when they hear our name or business.

And in my freebie workbook, I’ll walk you through exactly how to craft your specific niche.

Now you have your specific niche or market defined…

now let’s define your ideal customer, or what marketers call, your “Avatar.”

Your Avatar

While your niche is vital to crafting the right content and attracting the right customers into your business, without an Avatar, you might be missing out on how to specifically write or design your marketing.

In other words, as you writing your marketing content (i.e. maybe you have blog, social media post, advertisement, etc.), you can simply write to that single person.

Your Avatar is nothing more than a fictional character that you create that is defined by your niche or market…they possess the same personality, emotions, and struggles that your market is serving.

There are a couple different approaches to creating your Avatar, but to keep it simple (yes, I’m a huge fan of simple!), we’ll stick to, what I like to call, the “5 W’s Method.” Who? What? Where? When? Why?

If you pick up my freebie, grab the workbook in the back and brainstorm the “5 W’s” related to someone who would be interested in your product, service, or opportunity.

Click the button below to grab your free copy now.

demystify niche get noticed


And at the end of this workbook and exercise, you should have a well defined Avatar who you can relate to and create extremely valuable content for them to digest.

I hope you found value in this week’s blog post; if you did, drop me a comment below and share with your team.


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