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Attention Struggling Network Marketer: Here’s Where To Focus First To Take Your Business Online

So you’ve exhausted your warm market in a matter of a few weeks, and you’re scrambling to find time to prospect 10 strangers a day…

You think to yourself, “There’s got to be a better way!”

Yep, I had those same thoughts not too long ago…

Until I found this one solution that pays me to build an audience of highly qualified prospects that reach out to me to find more information about my company!

And, the best part…

It’s all done online!

Now regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, starting your business online can be a daunting task.

So, when you’re ready to take those first steps, you’re probably thinking, where do I start first?  

And that’s exactly what I’m going to cover here…  

AND you can even check out a recent Facebook Live that I did on this exact topic.

Can I be honest for a minute here? 

Because this may be difficult for some to hear…

Let’s talk about who this post is for, because most people who want to build their business online don’t actually follow through on taking the action necessary to see sort of benefit.  

And let’s also be clear on a common myth I hear all time….Building online is easier.

While this is true for many aspects of business (believe it’s a whole lot better than prospecting complete strangers at the grocery store)…

Whether you’re building your business online or offline, you still have to develop marketing skills…

So, this post is for any business owner who is tired of playing small!  

Specifically this is for you if you’re sitting there ready to… 

  • Step up and establish an online presence, or
  • Create sustainability in your business, or
  • Develop the mindset of being your own CEO…


So let’s dive in…

Serving Your Audience 

If you’ve been following me for while, you know I constantly talk about serving your audience.

More importantly, serving your audience consistent value!

Now, you might be sitting there thinking, “Colleen, I already provide my audience consistent value on [social media platform].” 

And I’m here to tell you, that you can’t do everything on social media, because you don’t own anything on social media.

What would happen to your business if POOF social media was gone?!!

Pretty scary right?! 

In fact, I wrote a blog post about this exact topic, that you check out here. 

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Now that you know that you can solely rely on social media to grow your business, you’re probably wondering what’s next? 

And here’s the one thing that I wish I started doing when I started out…and that is…

Create An Email List (Grow Your Audience)

An email list is nothing more than a list of email addresses (or other information) that people have given you in exchange for a piece of value (paid or free).

That’s it!  

So you can forget about keeping a list of 100 people on a piece of paper, or heck having to follow up with all 100 people one-on-one or at a home party!

The power of this email list transforms your follow up system into a click of a button.  

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to have your time back and literally follow up with your “list of 100” in a matter of minutes?  

How would this transform your business?  

And imagine getting paid to grow your audience!  

Yep, it’s true.  

When you pick up your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook, you’ll gain access to a complete training system that teaches you step-by-step how to do exactly that.  

Just simply click here, where you’ll learn the 5 myths that you’ve been told that keep you feeling stuck…

And you’ll also get a chance to pick up your eBook.  


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