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5 Tips To Spice Up Your Facebook Page (For The Network Marketer)

engaging facebook page network marketerHave you ever gone to a Facebook page and was literally bored looking at it?

I have! (And it used to be my own Page!)


…That is, until I learned a few tricks to spice things up and finally gain some engagement on my Page!…

And…in this week’s blog post, I’m spillin’ the beans on my 5 tips to spice up your Facebook Page!

So, let’s dive in!


I know, I know…you’ve probably heard this a gazillion times!

But I’ll tell you again…posting consistently is key!

Do you remember years ago when you opened Facebook for the first time (or Pinterest and Instagram), and you simply saw everything chronologically.

So, whoever in your friends network just posted something on their timeline, that would be the first thing you saw when you logged on.

Well, Facebook is getting smarter and smarter each day, and their ultimate focus is optimizing and improving their customers’ experience.

After all, people are on Facebook to network and socialize.

And with over 65 million pages and billions (with a b!) of users on Facebook, the competition can be tough sometimes to stand out and get noticed…and while it may seem like Facebook is changing all the time to hurt you and your business, they’re actually helping you by ensuring the right content gets in front of the right audience.

So you wanna know one primary way to help Facebook help you?

You guessed it….consistency!

And if you’re cringing right now, thinking, “This is going to take up so much time!”

I have some good news – there are great (free) tools out there today that you can utilize to make this a whole lot easier!

Facebook’s Publishing Tools – if you’re just starting out with a Page (<1,000 likes/fans), I highly recommend you use this first, as Facebook wants to make sure that they’re not doing business with a robot.

Third Party tools – There are so many great tools out there today that you can use to schedule and automate your Facebook posts…here are a few just to name a few:

  1. Post Planner
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Meet Edgar


A great way to spice up your Page is simply by diversifying your posts and making more visually intriguing content.

A simple and great way to do this is by posting a variety of posts each day or a combination of different posts each day.

For example, over the course of a day, you might post the following:

  1. Image or inspirational quote
  2. Embedded video or LIVE video
  3. Shared piece of content (video or article)
  4. Thought provoking question, relevant to your focus area, or “niche” as the fancy online marketers call it

And with anything on social media, making your posts visually appealing or intriguing is a must.

Below are examples of two posts from my Facebook Page one that is intriguing and one…well, one that’s not so appealing!

engaging facebook page

engaging facebook page

Remember, when people are scrolling through their Facebook feed, you may have about 3 seconds at most to catch their attention, so in my example above, having a white background and black plain text was not the best idea.  It kind of blends in to the black and white text of the written posts.

However, the image on the right is much more appealing and stops people in their tracks, thinking, “What is that picture of?!

Which brings me to my third tip…


Have you ever visited a Facebook Page (or even Instagram profile) and noticed how clean, well organized, and thematic it looked?

The matching color theme…

The font…

Consistent voice throughout all the posts and images…

This is part of your brand….or, how you want to be remembered, if you will.

So, when posting, think about your brand and what voice you want your audience to hear.

Below are 2 examples of motivational or inspirational quotes that are consistent with my brand look.

engaging facebook page

engaging facebook page

Staying consistent with your brand content, or as some marketers refer to it as being “on brand,” is important for not only you and your business, but even more importantly for your audience.

As you continue to grow your audience and the more consistent you are with your social media strategy, the more your audience will learn to expect it.

The last thing you want is to have your audience and potential prospects come to your Page and be surprised by what they see….that’s a surefire way to lose your audience!

There’s much more to your brand than just fonts, colors, and voice, but for the purpose of this discussion, we’ll keep it simple for now.

If you don’t have a “brand theme” or haven’t thought about it yet, that’s ok.

This is something that may happen organically has you become more accustomed to posting and creating content for your audience.

And if you need a little inspiration, head on over to Pinterest and search “online branding.” (And yes I’m talking to you “guys” too…don’t be bashful; men use Pinterest too!)

Staying Relevant

Being relevant can take on 2 meanings…

Being relevant in the eyes of your audience – Being “relevant” simply means that you don’t live under a rock, and you know a thing or two about what is going on in the world. (haha)

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m so focused on my business, I tend to forget about this one!

Make this fun and engaging for your audience!

This may look like posts relevant to the season, sports, holidays, special events, etc.

Here is an example of an image post I shared on my Page over Mother’s Day weekend, wishing all the Mompreneurs out there a Happy Mother’s Day:

engaging facebook page


So, while being relevant in current events and what’s going on outside of your business, keeping your brand and voice in your posts is always important (regardless of what you’re posting or sharing).

A great way to emphasize this is to think about how your ideal customer, or avatar, may feel or think about this particular topic.

And if you’re not sure where to being or have no idea who your avatar is, check out this post…

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This one may be tough to read at first, because we’re all looking for that the “secret sauce”…the one thing that if we implement into our business, we’ll strike gold and quit our J-O-B’s overnight.

But in reality, there is no “secret sauce” or magic trick that will make you super successful overnight.

Any good mentor or business partner will and should always say, “just test/try it out.”

And in social media and online marketing, the same thing holds true…

So if you’re curious if one process or strategy might work better than something else, test it out for a few days or a week and see what works best for you.   This is where you get to stand out…

Learn from others who have gone before you and achieved what you want to achieve, but make it your own, and do what matches you and your personality.

Some things you may want to test are:

  1. Type of posts (i.e. images, articles, videos, questions, etc.)
  2. Timing of posts (when to post)
  3. Raw images or specific colored images
  4. Live videos and content

There you have it!…

5 tips to spice up your Facebook page for optimal performance and ultimately more engagement and potential prospects.

So, was this useful?

If so, drop me a comment below and share what’s been working for you!


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