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40 - 4 Step Strategy for Facebook

4 Step Surprisingly Simple Strategy To Maximize Your Exposure on Facebook

40 - 4 Step Strategy for Facebook

Let’s face it…we all would like more sales and leads in our business…

I mean that’s how you stay in business, right?!

Well, when I found this little strategy out on social media, it was a complete game changer for my business!

And it doesn’t involve cold messaging or spamming your social media feed with products!  

Because we’ve all been there before…

40 - 4 Step Strategy for Facebook

And you know what…it wasn’t very fun…

So let’s talk about how you can ignore the awkward message and spammy posts and start maximizing your exposure online using this super simple strategy.

Check out a recent Facebook live video I did talking about exactly that…

40 - 4 Step Strategy for Facebook

Is Facebook Stalking Me?! 

You know those creepy moments when you click on an ad on Facebook just ONE time, and you all of a sudden start seeing the same business or company ALL the time!!

40 - 4 Step Strategy for Facebook

Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, Facebook is probably stalking you…

Ok, not literally…but, some times it gets a little creepy, right?! 😆

So imagine creating this same type of experience for your prospects…

Without spending a penny in advertising!

And here’s my simple 4 step strategy to do exactly that…

  1. Pick a product

    Chances are your network marketing company has that one flagship product that is their best seller.  

    I recommend picking this product to start with.

    If you’re not sure, try picking a product or package that either isn’t too expensive or offers quick results for your prospects.   

  2. List out all the benefits of the product

    Take 10-15 minutes and right down as many benefits as you can of the product.  

    And I’m not talking about all the ingredients and special potions inside the product…no one cares about the science-y facts.

    Your prospects only care about the BENEFITS…what does it do for them?!

  3. Tell a story

    Then for each benefit or pick a handful of the benefits listed above and jot down some notes of a specific story or testimonial related to those benefits. 

    These stories will then turn into social media posts that you can share. 

  4. Schedule your posts

    Now because Facebook posts have a limited lifespan (~3-5 hours), it’s important to post every 3-5 hrs during the day, around 2-3 times a day.  
    So a sample schedule may look like…

    0900, 1200, 1500

So important to remember about this strategy is that all these pieces of content all link back to the same topic of product, in this case!  

Remember, it’s not about the quantity, but rather the quality of content!

And while only a fraction of your audience will see any given post, the idea is to create more congruent posts around a similar product.  

So go ahead and test this strategy out..let me know how this work for your business in the comments below!


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