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4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

I’ve had several network and online marketers reach out to me over the last few months asking…

“I’ve been running ads, but I haven’t been getting any leads or sales. Can you help me out?”

And the #1 reason why…

People don’t understand that Facebook is much more than just an advertising platform.

To really leverage the full capacity of Facebook and find success in advertising, you should be using the FULL platform, as in terms of the “ecosystem.”  

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the 4 biggest mistakes I see happen with people who are just starting out with advertising.  

So you can minimize the learning curve and not make the same mistakes… Here are 4 reasons why your ads may not be working.

Are you a real person?

Ok, of course you’re a real person…

But does Facebook know you’re a real person?

4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Sounds like a silly question, but according to recent article posted by CNN, Facebook removed 2.2 billion (yes, Billion with a “B”) over the course of 3 months.

So you can imagine that Facebook wants to make darn sure that you’re a real person…

Which begs the question…HOW do you let Facebook know that you’re not a robot?

And the easiest way to do this is to actively post on Facebook.  

If you’re not actively posting now, I would start by posting 2-3 times a day.  

And be sure to check these 5 tips to spice up your posting strategy!

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Are you growing your audience? 

Growing your audience is simply the bloodline of your business.  

If you aren’t growing your audience of your “email list”, then do you really have a business?

Now if you’re running advertisements on Facebook, I have to assume that you’re using a Facebook Page to grow your audience.  

And there are 2 main strategies for growing your audience…

4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

First, you could simply run a “Likes” Campaign on your Page to draw your ideal prospects to you…

This is probably the fastest way to grow your audience.  

Notice I didn’t say BUY Likes for your Page…

I HIGHLY discourage this, as building an audience of people who have no interest in what you stand for and what your brand stands for is a complete waste of their time, not to mention yours!

And I also have to assume that if you’re actively running advertisements on Facebook, that you already have over 100 Likes on your Page.  

Second, you can certainly grow your audience all for free, by simply inviting people to like your Page.  

When I first started out, I literally went through my whole list of friends and family on Facebook and invited those who would be interested in my brand.  

As my brand continued to grow, I would start to invite people who have directly engaged with my Page and posts, organically.  

Which brings me to my third point…

Are You Engaging With Your Audience?

We talked earlier about the Facebook ecosystem and how it can drastically impact how your posts are shared on the platform.  

And you physically engaging with your audience is equally important.  

If you’ve ever heard of the “Law of Reciprocity”…then you’ve probably heard me talk about this in a previous Live training I did…

4 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working

In the simplest terms, I like to think of this as “monkey see, monkey do”…

If one of your prospects continues to see you engaging with them, posting on their Page , and showing appreciation for their audience, this will inherently promote organic engagement on your Page. 

So I would recommend dedicating 30 minutes or so on a daily basis (or whenever you can fit it into your schedule) to engaging and commenting on not only your Page but on the Pages and Profiles of your prospects.  

And last but not least…

Are You Providing Consistent Value? 

Ok, I know this sounds like a broken record, but this is absolutely critical in building your business….especially when you’re trying to use advertisements in your marketing strategies.  

If you continue to provide consistent value to your audience, you will begin to create that know, like, and trust value with them, and…

If your content is valuable to your audience with positive engagement, Facebook will reward you by showing your audience more of your content. 

So just like you share content to build that know, like, and trust factor with your audience, you are essentially growing your know, like, and trust factor with Facebook.  

So there you have it…

4 reasons your Facebook ads aren’t working. 

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